Renegade Bail Bonds is 24 hour bail bonds company ready to help in any way possabile. Give us a call anytime day,night, holidays and we ewill show up to bail you or your loved one out of jail fast.


We are here to help you by offering cheap bail bonds! Sometimes people are turned down by other bail bonds companies because other bail agents can’t be as flexible as ourteam with payment options. 

Get Less Jail Time with a Reliable Bondsman

If you ever get away with a warning from police, consider yourself lucky. Until you or someone you know is arrested, you may never know the importance of a bondsman in a case that puts you behind bars and require bailout that you cannot afford. A simple citation, booking, or arrest could spell trouble for you. Luckily, our bail bonds company is at your disposal to ensure that your time behind bars is short-lived and less stressful.

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Cheap Bail Bonds AZ

A Cheap Bondsman is Your Ticket out of Jail

Bondsmen are much a part of your court proceedings as any other family member or friend who follows your proceedings. However, bondsmen’s involvement in your case has more to do with your mandatory court appearances and commitment to the bond agreement. If we can keep you out of jail so that your normal life moves on uninterrupted, we continue working with you to ensure that you stay focused enough to reach the sentencing date. Bond processing and follow-ups for cases with several court dates can be demanding but we can guarantee you a cheap bondsman who will see you to the end of your trial.

Trust Yourself with a Bondsman

Your insufficient experience with the services of a bondsman can expose you to an incompetent agent. The moment you reach out to us, you become our responsibility. We exercise great caution and professionalism when handling your bond needs. We initiate these simple processes;

  • We take you through the approval process
  • We discuss payment plans available once we approve your bond
  • We mention the acceptable means of paying bond fees
  • We handle all documentation processes
  • We help resolve issues that might make you miss court dates
  • We introduce to you other complimentary services that we offer

In Arizona jurisdictions, we abide by the standard requirements that govern bail bonds. We only work with the best bond agents. For your peace of mind, our agents possess relevant certifications to legally operate within our jurisdictions. 

Why You Need a Reliable Bondsman in my Area

Bond services are essential in the judicial system. In a way, they help reduce crowding in jails and ensure continuity of livelihoods. To guarantee uninterrupted operations, some bonds men often agree with local courts to maintain standing security agreements that necessitate payment of blanket bonds to either cover defendants that skip court sessions or bail out those that need immediate help. 

We have different types of bonds that cover different types of crimes from citations to capital murder. When you engage us, we assess your bond needs to ensure that what we offer meets your pre-trial release processing. Some of these bonds are immigration bonds, federal bonds, and surety bonds. Each type of bond presents a certain level of financial risk that you should familiarize yourself with before making the final decision.


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