Jail Bonds

With over 14 years of jail bond experince, we guarantee to get you or your loved ones out of jail fast. Renegade Bail bonds is the best bail bonding comapny in the state of Arizona.

Jail Bonds

With over 14 years of jail bond experience, we guarantee to get you or your loved ones out of jail fast. Renegade Bail bonds is the best bail bonding company in the state of Arizona. Give us a call right now to speak tou our live agent.

Jail Bond Mesa

The Real Cost of Jail bond

When you are arrested In Mesa Arizona, the courts can grant you cash, federal, or immigration county bail bonds. The type of bond the judge will determine for you depends on your risk to flee and the danger you pose to the general public. You might get stricter measures if you are a repeat offender.

Different Types of Jail Bonds

People assume bail to be money paid in exchange for your freedom while your case is in court. But when you look at the options, the definition of bail stretches beyond money. You can expect to encounter varying applications of the different types of bail based on state or jurisdiction.

  • Cash Bond – this is the most applied forms of jail bonds.  Once you are arrested with a citation and booked, a cash bond quickly secures your freedom if you can pay it in full or have someone pay it for you. The local court decides the amount to pay as per the bail schedule and offense committed.
  • Own Recognizances or Personal Recognizances Bond – this is a cashless bond determined for an in-custody defendant after a bail hearing. The court releases you on condition that you reappear in court at a future date and you must observe bail conditions the court imposes.
  • Unsecured or Signature Bond – this bond applies after a bond hearing where the court imposes a bail amount but you do not pay. Instead, a signed agreement secures your release stating that you will surrender the bail amount if you skip court dates. 
  • Secured or Property Bond – this bond puts the defendant at risk of losing his security of property given instead of bail money if he does not show up for court hearings. The secured property bond value has to be of the same value as that of the bail money. 
  • Bail Bond or Surety Bond – refers to bondsmen who are agents in the business of making money by paying off defendants’ bail money. Their compensation is a percentage of your full bail money. In return for bailing you out, you tie security against the bond to cover them when you fail to show up for hearings and the court and they are forced to pay up. 

Bail is refundable if you have a successful conclusion of the case. The refund process varies depending on jurisdiction and form of bail. Some courts deduct an administration fee from bail.

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